In/Flux: on influence, inspiration, transmission and transformation

In/Flux: on influence, inspiration, transmission and transformation

A unique chapbook/catalogue has been produced in conjunction with the gallery show that poetically reflects on the corresponding themes, works, and relationships at play and on display. The book is designed by Tom Haviv, written by Eden Pearlstein, and published by Ayin Press.

At root, this kaleidoscopic collection of paintings, sculpture, prints, collage, music and writings is the fruit of numerous conversations conducted and now curated by Zahar Vaks, co-director of OYG. Beginning on Captiva Island in 2018, as part of the Rauschenberg Residency, Zahar joined fellow visual artists Molly Zuckerman Hartung, Ralph Pugay, Walter Price, Tannaz Farsi, and musician Charlie Rauh for 6 weeks of intensive creation, collaboration, and communion – with each other, with the natural environment, with the work space energy legacy of an iconic artist, with their own practices and processes of making and being. The initial desire to continue these conversations and to share some of their varied influences and outgrowths with a wider community was the seed of this show.

And yet, as seeds planted in fertile soil will do in time under the right conditions, this idea grew. A series of spontaneous conversations between Zahar and poet/publisher Eden Pearlstein in the summer of 2019 presented the opportunity to expand the context of the show to include a more conceptual and poetic dimension. A collection of works meant to commemorate an intensely influential experience slowly but suddenly morphed into a creative reflection on the role of influence upon one’s creative practices and paradigms in general. Poet/Publisher Tom Haviv and Ayin Press were invited to produce a chapbook/catalogue to accompany the show. It was happening again. Encounters, electricity, intuition, openness, In/Flux.

This inspired Zahar to further open up the curatorial field to include conversations he had been having and wanted to facilitate between the socially-engaged and historically-critical works of artists Yevgeniy Fiks and Helina Metaferia. Similarly, around the same time Zahar visited painter Fox Hysen’s studio and rekindled their creative conversations begun a year before when she visited the Rauschenberg residency and completely immersed herself in that environment and community. Whether wrestling with history, language, representation, or technology, each of these artists added a new level of depth to thinking about how artworks are informed by the past and can transform the future through activating the present.

The multiple modes of thinking and making represented in this show — including research, ritual, improvisation, ekphrasis, strategy, and serendipity — all demonstrate the various ways these artists engage their creative practice in relation to their influences and experiences. Taken all together, this collection of works is a snapshot of creative conversations continuing in real time. Come listen in to see what we mean.

Experiences. Ideas. Identities. Processes. Practices. Paradigms. Conversations. Connections. Conventions. Traditions. Transmissions. Transgressions. “We are all In/Flux!”

In/Flux: on influence, inspiration, transmission and transformation

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