Group exhibition Infiltration presents artworks and documents from individuals that are connected through the idea of place hacking.

- What is the scenery like when you climb on the top of an unfinished ferris wheel in the middle of the night. What does it look like on an underground river underneath the city and what kind of travelling experience it is from Hakaniemi to Sörnäinen when you are laying on the roof of a subway car?

The exhibition consists of photographs, videos, drawings, artefacts, objects and sculptures. At the center of the exhibition are self-motivated exploring of the city and individual places and objects that rarely catch one´s eye on daily basis. The material of the exhibition brings up hidden knowledge and sceneries - evidence of something unseen right before our eyes.

Infiltration is a praise for eternal thirst of knowledge, yearning for freedom, adventure and disobedience that possesses human being, so that the thirst would be eased even just for a while.


  • SIC's Exhibitions 15

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