In Situ a changing installation

In Situ a changing installation

For the next three months we will make a fluid and changing installation of works chosen because we want to look at them, works that we want to see together. These past six months have been too long an interlude during which digital outreach has tried to substitute for the actual event and the interaction with art has almost entirely been filtered through unsatisfactory stand-ins for any real experience of it. We invite visitors to safely experience real art in a real space, to consider again art in person, 'in position.'

Over the course of this changing exhibition, at any given time we will present works by many artists, the initial installation including:

Silvia Bächli, Constantin Brancusi, Mary Corse, Jimmie Durham, Walker Evans, Donald Judd, Ellsworth Kelly, Wolfgang Laib, Sherrie Levine, Agnes Martin, Helen Mirra, Matt Mullican, Cady Noland, Sigmar Polke, Charlotte Posenenske, Medardo Rosso, Thomas Schütte, Richard Serra, Lucy Skaer, Myron Stout, Richard Tuttle, Richard Wentworth.

An important part of the exhibition will be specific paired dialogues between works, such as the corporeal form of Lucy Skaer's Pieta in direct conversation with the curved lines of a bent nude figure in a Brancusi gouache; the depth and stillness explored by Wolfgang Laib in a Milkstone sculpture with the subtle brightness of a white Mary Corse painting; an Ellsworth Kelly unpainted wood wall relief with a painted plaster bust by Medardo Rosso; a Sigmar Polke painting held up by a pair of work gloves with a Jimmie Durham stone sculpture embedding a man’s jacket.

In Situ a changing installation

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