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PATRON is proud to present our first solo exhibition with Los Angeles based artist Greg Breda. The exhibition titled Hei will open with a reception for the artist on Saturday, July 14 and continue through August 25, 2018.

Light, in its various metaphoric and physical forms, plays an important role in Greg Breda’s work. Through a layered exchange between symbolism and material, Breda’s portraits present us with introspective narratives and moments of contemplation. These moments air with a feeling of the personal - a woman writing in her diary or a boy glancing thoughtfully at himself through a mirror in his bedroom- yet their narratives reveal further through a slow read in Breda’s choice of imagery and compositions. The works are painted on vellum, a material which both absorbs and reflects light. The duality of the vellum’s materiality allows for the layers of Breda’s bold brush strokes to interact with light, highlighting the color complexities within the figures and their environments.


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