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For his third solo exhibition at Pierre Marie Giraud, Sterling Ruby presents a newly developed body of ceramic works. Evolving from his previous project, ASHTRAY, Ruby’s new exhibition HEARTS + CLUBS is the outcome of plastic transformations;clay forms morphing from vessels to figurative and totemic objects.

Rough, uneven, and irregular, Ruby’s objects reveal an urgency in their making. Theyembed the traces and the energy of hands and fingers that knead and give shape.With the application of shiny enamels, however, these gestures become fixed; their metallic lusterscover and combine with the raw textures of dirt and gravels.

HEARTS + CLUBS is like a dissected clay body; organs and bones taken apart. A splayed conversation between that which is organic and that which is inert. At once the passivity and peacefulness or HEARTS and the active provocation of CLUBS. Visceral and symbolic, raw and bloody, if HEARTS + CLUBS are not strictly physical containers, they nevertheless transport meaning, values, and emotions.


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