Half-Lowered Eyelids
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Half-Lowered Eyelids

“Half-Lowered Eyelids”, British painter Gareth Cadwallader’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Buoyed by crystalline composition from a school of rigor and obsession connecting Paolo Uccello and Vladimir Tatlin, Cadwallader paints small Realist jewel portals — never larger than 10 x 8 inches — depicting acts that cannot be quantified. These acts include looking, thinking, and relaxing.

Cadwallader controls the viewer’s eye with understated precision, creating subliminal, sanguine and total balance. His scenes of nature and flat light, aloof from culture and history, depict a place where banality is psychedelic and time can slow to a stop. Cadwallader paints chimera — scenes of obscure, unpinnable portent that are composed of familiar elements. They offer beauty without resolution.

Half-Lowered Eyelids

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