Group exhibition

Group exhibition

Throughout the duration of the show, the exhibition space of the gallery will host each week a new exhibition by two of its artists [1], composed by two artworks, one for each artist, in an attempt to create a dialogue and a critical correlation between them. Located on opposite sides of the room, the pieces will be facing each other, and, by the end of the week, they will be removed and placed in our showroom, leaving the space for the next dialogue. At the end of this exhibition series, our showroom will appear as a Wunderkammer, a cabinet of wonders offering a panorama of the artists represented by the gallery.

A quick note: this exhibition comes from what we experienced in these months, our forced attempts in seeking new modes of communication, of being and not being together, thus reflecting our sense of community and the meaning of unity, while emphasizing our aim to show everyone, visually announcing that we are here. Present. Together. And in conversation.

This text is not meant to anticipate what the visitor will see upon entering the gallery. There are no guidelines nor indications about the chosen works: they can be sourced from already produced or newly created works; specifically devised for the show or for something else that could not happen. These lines will not reveal anything. The works will talk for themselves and establish potential dialogues between them, involving the visitor into their conversation. Given that no suggestion about the correspondence of the works is given, the viewer is invited to find her/ his own.

2-8 July: André Romão + João Queiroz 9-15 July: Gonçalo Barreiros + John Wood and Paul Harrison 16-22 July: Anna Franceschini + Daniel Blaufuks 23-31 July: Alexandre Farto aka Vhils + António Bolota 20-26 August: André Guedes + Céline Condorelli 27 August - 2 September: João Louro + Susanne S. D. Themlitz 3-9 September: Catarina Dias + José Pedro Croft 10-16 September: Detanico Lain + Gabriela Albergaria + Nuno da Luz 17-23 September: Daniel Gustav Cramer + Joana Escoval

Group exhibition

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