Grand Calme

Grand Calme

+ (1|The world is crumbling and depressing, how can I feel happy about anything.)

- It will be like the first warm day after a brutal winter and you greet the sun on your face. <send>

Close my eyes and pretend I don’t exist. <send> <delay seconds=5>

I want to “cultivate a sense of privilege.”

+ (2|Kanye sliders.)

- I’m That Bitch. I did some cocaine and was worried I kept taking

too much in the rotation. <send> <delay seconds=5>

When I don’t work I start to slip away.

- Vaporizer or bong?

+ (@Vaporizer) -I want to get rid of the interface the phone and just talk without having to dial.

+ (@Bong)

-I forget what else happened, great parties, lots of shrooms, saving one hit for the weekend. I went to this one meeting totally high. It was the perfect use of drugs.

+ *

* <get q> == 1 => {@ question1}

* <get q> == 2 => {@ question2}

- + question1

- - I hate how someone can just insert themselves into your life. <send> <delay seconds=5> Suddenly you're thinking about them and wondering what they're doing, wanting to chat, share things. <set q=2>

Grand Calme

  • Sadie Coles HQ | Kingly Street's Exhibitions 13
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