The exhibition is comprised of mixed media paintings and free-standing sculptures. This new body of work is a departure from the artist’s minimal and controlled palette of colors to the opposite side of the spectrum with bright glowing tonalities of the spray paint. The show is on view at Waltman Ortega Fine Art in Hollywood, FL, from November 18 through December 12, 2017 (by appointment).


“In the past ten years I had reduced my color palette to a few colors and relied mostly on their tonality to do my work. I had also been working on sculptures of radical geometric form and usually finished them with one color or two at the most. In this project I wanted to break away from this past as well as introduce some new applications of paint into the mix. The idea is to allow the geometric element to weave itself in and out from the paintings to the sculptures and back in a seamless dialog. I decided to use spray paint as the foundation of the works and bring in the brush work above it. The color palette is now bright and glowing; geometric exuberance is the foundation on these works. By dividing the surface of the paintings with lines, I seek to reinforce an already existing relationship in a more substantial and pointed way. The geometry in the sculptures is directly related to the lines and the rhythmic movement on the paintings.

As with all of my work, these pieces are well informed on past and current trends while remaining loyal to their own vision.”

Jorge Enrique


  • Waltman Ortega Fine Art | Miami's Exhibitions 9
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