Gagliardi Collection: Cosa Vedere
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Gagliardi Collection: Cosa Vedere

Closing the great exhibition 'Fifteen' of Fabio Viale, the Italian sculptor, that celebrated 15 years of collaboration between the artist and the gallery, it was decided to leave some of his great artworks, being a part of the Gagliardi collection, on display. Thus it will be still possible to see them if somebody has not yet had the opportunity to visit the show. You can discover such artworks as "Door Release" in the courtyard of the gallery, an interpretation of the hand of the Colossus of Constantine in white Carrara marble and "Obelisco", which makes us reflect on the divinity that has been managing our lives for over a century, the electricity. And then again in the atrium: "Arrivederci e grazie", an artwork with which the artist won the Henraoux award. On the ground floor of the gallery you will discover a tattooed "Kouros" with the symbols of the Russian mafia, a truck tire and a series of plugs, often overlooked objects. "Flat Line", a gigantic marble girder occupies the corridor of the gallery. In the large room in the end of the gallery there are three masterpieces: "Ahgalla", the marble boat; "Stargate", the most demanding job by far in terms of time (over a year of work, over 20 tons of material removed to free the inner part) and the "Laocoonte", the tattoo with which the artist has covered the body represents a part of the universal judgment of Giovanni da Modena, present in St. Patrick's in Bologna. A final work still remains on the upper floor: "Infinito", one of the most iconic works by Viale, made from a single block of black marble.

You can see also the drawings being a part of the exhibition. Piero Fogliati pursued an utopia through his artworks. On the first floor we find the "Macchina che respira", the invitation is to put the stethoscopes in the ears to hear the breath of the machine. In the dark room on the ground floor is the "Prisma Meccanico", a work that was born with the intention of proving that the rain has colours. Piero Fogliati, born in Canelli in 1930 and died just few years ago, was twice at the Venice Biennale, his works are being a part of important collections, and the "Prisma Meccanico" was included in an important exhibition talking about the game and the illusions curated by Danilo Eccher at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome last year.

Gagliardi Collection: Cosa Vedere

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