Karin Lind’s painting has grown over the years from her sculpting. Today, one can clearly see how her forms appear in the painterly landscape.

“My relationship with the color is to be in the present, to wrestle with the accuracy of the shifts and surfaces of the color. Like observing life and death in the ripples and movement of the water. It is reminiscent of the movement of water but also the physicality of our bodies.”


The subject matter of the fountain is water.

Water is also the fountain of life,

indispensable to our existence,

nature’s elixir of life.

In Fountain, traces of Böcklin’s lesser-known painting Die Lebensinsel(The Island of the Living), with its joyful colours and dancing figures, can undoubtedly be seen as the antithesis to The Isle of the Dead. The lively, clear pastels, the swans and the silvery water are also present in Karin Lind’s paintings. In addition to this, there is also physical proximity to the motifs. Scrutinizing something very closely gives, as we know, other perspectives, allowing both abstractions and patterns to come forth.

In Karin Lind’s painting called Fountain, a myriad of ruby-red lilies and deep green stoneworts are gushing forth upon the silvery mirror of the water. The artist has opened up a jewellery box where thin coral-red beaks of white seabirds poke through pink petals of water lilies. A tapestry woven with threads of silk and silver depicting yellow golden-eyed-grass, ripples and gleaming circles. Beneath the surface, the water creature’s black hair is twirling, green and rolling.


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