Föreställningar / Conceptions

Föreställningar / Conceptions

The exhibition Conceptions consists of a new series of paintings from the last year.

The title Conceptions has a built-in double meaning that is suitable for the works of Lannér. The Swedish translation has an even stronger connection to the stage and the theater, but it also evokes thoughts about the characteristics and possibilities of painting. Lannér uses his interchangeable motifs as starting points for a multifaceted way of painting where each element has a double assignment. A single brush stroke can give us enough information for recognition, but also serves as an essential part of a painterly composition.

In these new paintings, Lannér has found the keys to his houses (which has been a recurring motif) and has entered into their rooms. These interiors have offered a new playfield to work with. The paintings are dense compositions in a smaller format where drawing and perspective now play more important roles. The natural delimitation that the room creates allows greater freedom within its framework without loosing the spatial awareness.

If you repeat a word long enough, the meaning will disappear, and left is only a sound. Same thing happens if you look at an object for a long time. The sense, meaning and the name of the item will disappear. Shape and colour remain. – Hans Lannér

I believe that nothing can be more abstract, more unreal, than what we actually see. We know that all we can see of the objective world as human beings, never really exists as we see and understand it. Matter exists, of course, but has no intrinsic meaning of its own, such as the meanings that we attach to it. Only we can know that a cup is a cup, that a tree is a tree. – Giorgio Morandi

Föreställningar / Conceptions

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