Bodo Buhl – flashback (guest exhibition)

Bodo Buhl – flashback (guest exhibition)

Bodo Buhl, sculptor and photo artist, studied at the Munich Art Academy (1973–1979). His passionate interest in architecture and the finesse of statics shape the creative years from 1979 to 1992, inspired by themes from the financial and business world.

The conceptual and socio-political content of his work is combined with facets of postmodernism and his typical satirical, pointed humour. In recent years, before his untimely death, he has compiled an impressive graphic oeuvre. International exhibitions and presence on the art market brought him great recognition.

For the first time we present his entire work in the context of a contemporary reception and classification in contemporary art in order to make the value of the artist visible to an international audience.

The exhibition 'flashback', realized by Katharina Andrelang and Ulla Gröne (, shows photographs, sculptures and drawings by the German artist.

Bodo Buhl, born 1951 in Marienweiher, Germany. He lived and worked until his death 2010 in Munich, Germany.

Bodo Buhl – flashback (guest exhibition)

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