FIAC Projects 2018

FIAC Projects 2018

Known for his conceptually driven art and monochromatic paintings that took aim at institutional art venues, Olivier Mosset began his artistic career in the 1960’s as one of the members of the quartet BMPT (Buren, Mosset, Parmentier, Toroni) and subsequently was a founder of the Radical Painting group, in NYC in the early 1980’s.

For decades his passion for Harley was a private matter _ embracing the roads and the values of the biker subculture complimentary to the art world. In more recent years, Olivier Mosset decided to introduce motorcycles into his shows, staging them as sculptural objects.

The installation Untitled at Fiac Projects is a site specific work that brings together 3 custom-made Harley Davidson from 1946, 1958 and 1962.

« It is because of the aesthetic quality that these motorcycles have, that they can be shown in a gallery. » O. Mosset

FIAC Projects 2018

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