Escape Shift Return
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Escape Shift Return

The exhibition consists of two large-scale charcoal drawings. Both works are made from composed screenshots, depicting the same pre-installed mountain motif on the artist’s computer. In the foreground folder icons and Word documents are floating together with two images resembling scientific tables. These tables refer historically to nostalgia as a medical term. In the 17th century, Swiss doctors saw nostalgia as a curable disease similar to the common cold. It was thought possible to treat nostalgic symptoms with opium, leeches and a trip to the Swiss Alps.

The two drawings in the exhibition are interpretations of classic “Nature Morte” compositions. The commercialised mountain landscape constitutes the static surface in Albrectsen’s two still lifes, whereas the sporadically placed folders on the computer screen and scientific plates can be seen as vanitas symbols of impermanence. Escape Shift Returnis a keyboard shortcut that has no real function. Its literal meaning suggests a cycle of endless continuity instead.

Escape Shift Return

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