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Eva Louise Buus, Astrid Marie Christiansen and Krista Rosenkilde all work with paintings in the expanded field. With the exhibition ENTRÉ, the three artists will, for the first time ever, attempt to examine their individual artistic practices in an installational context, and explore the painting as a genre in a sculptural scenography. They will each present a collection of works, created specifically for the raw and unique architecture of Kunsthal NORD. They will make use of the space in different ways in order to create a dialogue between architecture, design, functionality, aesthetics and behavior.

The concept of the exhibition is to have the different works break boundaries and disrupt the hierarchy between artwork and design object. This is done by mimicking and borrowing recognisable homely objects, such as textiles, furniture and other interior. However, in opposition to the applicable value held by a piece of furniture, the objects of the exhibition prove far more sculptural than functional.

The title of the exhibition refers to the first room you enter in a house, which often provides a clue as to what you can expect throughout the rest of the house. The exhibition will therefore, both physically and metaphorically, make the viewer enter the world of paintings, and ENTRÉ becomes a spatial total installation that is both abstract and current, all at the same time.


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