Coucher de soleil 24h/24
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Coucher de soleil 24h/24

For her first exhibition at Eva Hober Gallery, Anne Brégeaut presents her latest works combining past researches and new experiences. In twenty years with a tangy palette, joyful fantasies, like this little burlesque dancer appearing from behind a fridge, Anne Brégeaut has built a narrative at the crossroad between fairytales and folk art’s universe. Her paintings bask in a childlike atmosphere often punctuated of grinding, anguished noises. On the surface of the canvas, motionless black flies are looking at you. Faithful to this spirit, Coucher de soleil, 24h/24 is like an uncanny interior landscape, scattered and deconstructed canvas after canvas, like a gingerbread house that would be dismantled piece by piece. First, there are the tall trees of a forest, a wooden log facade can be seen behind some branches, and then, the ordinary daily life, couples entwined in their beds, a bedroom, a bathtub filled with bubbles, a carrot cake’s slice on the kitchen table, and a fire burning in the fireplace hearth.

Coucher de soleil 24h/24

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