Closed Universe (Part 2) curated by Nadia Ismail

Closed Universe (Part 2) curated by Nadia Ismail

The Russian performance artist Pjotr Pawlenski *(1984 St. Petersburg) also deals with these questions, he responds to the lack of freedom of expression in Russia with conceptual and physically drastic interventions in public spaces.

The Spanish conceptual artist Santiago Sierra (*1966 Madrid) is renowned for his radical social criticism, focussing on the economic exploitation of people living on the fringes of society.

Interventions in public spaces by the artistically political performance art group, the Centre for Political beauty, draw attention to humanitarian abuses, particularly within refugee policy.

The Columbian Wilson Diaz (*1963, Pitalito) investigates, in his versatile Œuvre, the roots of the conflict in his country, where the precarious situation is exacerbated by ubiquitous corruption.

The inclusion of the Institute Avaroid is a deliberately humorous placement. The fictional institute investigates a parasitic infection that triggers greed in humans. Its aim is the expulsion of these harmful scroungers, who unilaterally profit from living with other beings.

At the same time, cause and effect come full circle, because often, insatiable greed is the driving force that forms a breeding ground for social inequality and abuse of power.

Closed Universe (Part 2) curated by Nadia Ismail

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