Bright Black World
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Bright Black World

“It’s been said that Inuits have many words to describe white. As the polar snow caps melt faster than we ever imagined, I wonder how long it will be before we have as many words to describe darkness.” — Todd Hido

Reflex Gallery is thrilled to present Bright Black World, a new exhibition by celebrated American photographer Todd Hido. This profoundly beautiful and arresting collection of images – many of them unseen – are the results of Hido’s exploration of the northern hemisphere in the impenetrable depths of winter. The realities of climate change lurk behind in these images – the threat of an eternal darkness looming large.

In a crepuscular forest scene, it is uncertain whether the faint blush of sun behind the strident firs is setting or rising. Dawn and sunset are one and the same in midwinter – the light bleeding through the clouds for a mere hour or so and then fading.

Bright Black World

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