Boxes, drawers and a gibbon

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Boxes, drawers and a gibbon

Exhibition project “Boxes, drawers and a gibbon” focuses around some old boxes and drawers found and reinterpreted. The boxes and drawers are invaded by truncated characters as if they are from a world that was disappeared from a long time.

The small installations designed by Raluca Arnăutu remind us of Surrealist objects. The artist rummages around drawers, boxes and she is imagining things. Each object, no matter whether it is a drawing pin, an old velvet ribbon or a fragment from a hypothetical drawing, tells a story. Projecting her own phantasms within her works is initiated by arbitrary encounter with the object, leading to the apparition of a fantastic universe where multitude of colours given by various materials and an unusual association of textures and materiality create a world full of mystery.

The viewer becomes fascinated by this imaginary world where he can hear rustlings, noise and a playful gibbon that carefully stands over.

Boxes, drawers and a gibbon

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