Body of Work
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Body of Work

This year's first exhibition in Format Artspace is Body of Work a duo exhibition by Krista Rosenkilde and Meyer-Lavigne. With that particular title, the artists are both referred to their compilation of works, but also led their thoughts to the physical body - an organic whole that occupies the space and gives one an encompassing hug.

Rosenkilde and Meyer-Lavigne have created for the exhibition a series of sculptural objects, wall hangings and paper works, which are based on a study of the concept of "body and mind". It is the balance between the intuitive and the logical that unfolds in an eclectic spatial installation. The works draw inspiration from classical artistic traditions such as constructivism and surrealism and combine them with design practices such as carpet production and ceramics, as well as graphic printing techniques such as woodcuts and linoleum prints. A warm dusty color on the walls is the background and link between the works, which in this way becomes large and small sub-elements in a larger whole.

Body of Work

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