Taubert Contemporary is pleased to present new works by Dutch artist Jan van der Ploegin his third solo show at the gallery, titled 'blast'.

Van der Ploeg has designed a large scale, site-specific wall painting. A new series of large and small paintings on canvas have been especially designed for 'blast' to complete the show. These are not less significant for his oeuvre – the different formats show details and colour variants of patterns, which appear in van der Ploeg’s wallpaintings. Furthermore, he created another large piece for a giant banner in the street in front of the gallery space.

Combining image, wall, space and architecture in the mediaof colour and form was one of the main ideas pursued systematically by the Dutch De Stijl movement in the 1920s, which is often connected to van der Ploeg’s work. Although frequently compared to minimalists like Sol LeWitt, Ellsworth Kelly and also Piet Mondrian, van der Ploeg is by intention not as strict as they are. Looking at the conceptual elements and the boundaries set by these artists, for example in terms of colour, he decided on more freedom for his own work.

The artist set certain parameters for himself within he researches the boundaries and possibilities. His works are in that sense also a variation on the same set of rules.

He is however very aware of the way the viewer will perceive his work. Van der Ploeg knows how he wants the work to beseen and intends the paintings to producean optimistic ambiance.

His wall drawings are always site specific and play with the environment of the space.

Jan van der Ploeg uses bright colours and bold geometric patterns. Sometimes these shapes refer to an abstracted form, othertimes he acts almost as a figurative painter, adding an extra element where he feels one was missing.

Just in time a new silkscreen print will be on view, which varies the design of the street banner.

Next year Jan van der Ploeg will take part in a series of exhibitions in the Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin, on the occasion of “100 years Bauhaus”.

Jan van der Ploeg, born 1959 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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