Bare Elegance

Bare Elegance

Ager’s sculptures allude to notions of luxury, sensuality and taste.

Exuding magnetism, these are objects of seduction; slick, enticing, visually echoing a sense of physical desire.

The gallery becomes boudoir-like, fitted out with bed frame, bedside tables and lamps. The hairpieces Me and You visually echo physical desire; forced upright and drenched in resin - their poses beguiling. Lamp light is absorbed by the glossy black surfaces of the sculpture.

Above, a ceramic and paper pulp sculpture Stand Guard (2019) appears ‘alter-like’ in sober contrast to the polished scene below.

Ager’s interest in material relationships is evident and the installation pays attention to methods of display and presentation - exploring the exclusivity of high-end showrooms and the tactics of the high street. Cheap materials mimic luxury: the slick and shiny surfaces are, in fact, melamine laminate. The handmade unit and fixings highlight the delusion of the scene we find ourselves in, leaving us to confront our own assumptions regarding taste and value judgments, challenging preconceived ideas of social positions and our desire to belong.

Bare Elegance

  • LUNGLEY Gallery's Exhibitions 13

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