Axiom features new and recent paper sculpture exploring form, chroma, and growth.

Focusing on texture and bright colors, Wagner constructs her signature biomorphic worlds from manipulated paper. Trained as a printmaker, Wagner begins with rainbow-hued, hand screen printed paper of varying tones. The resulting sculpture is created by cutting, folding, bending, and manipulating the paper.

Assembled with a sense of natural growth, each sculpture ranges in both size and complexity. Combining screen printing with hand-cut precision, the artist allows her materials to build upon themselves. The resulting form is a mass accretion of singular pieces echoing the tendency of the natural world to grow piece by piece.

The bioforms of Axiom break with the glass frames or terrariums’ which once housed them, allowing them to grow incrementally, almost uncontrollably. This graceful material mitosis invites memories of seashells and sequoias, forms which are marked, even decorated by their visible layered growth cycles. Please join us for AXIOM, opening Saturday, November 3 with an evening reception from 6pm-10pm, where the artist will be in attendance.


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