Au rendez-vous des amis

Au rendez-vous des amis

Curtis Anderson, Michel Auder, Dan Asher, Wolfgang Betke, Jonathan Bragdon, Rodolphe Bresdin, Tom Chamberlain, Chargesheimer, Carolin Eidner, Öyvind Fahlström, Larry Fink, Lucian Freud, Neil Gall, Anthony Goicolea, Douglas Gordon, Ludwig Goesewitz, Debra L. Hampton, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Carsten Höller, Christian Holstad, Andre Kaldori, Norbert Kricke, Fernand Léger, Raimund von Luckwald, Stefan Löffelhardt, Manasse (Studio), Sarah Morris, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Alice Neel, Jack Pierson, Magnus Plessen, Sigmar Polke, Thomas Rentmeister, Bridget Riley, Thomas Scheibitz, Billy Sullivan, David Schutter, Peter Stauss, Curt Stenvert, Spencer Sweeney, Gavin Turk, Rosemarie Trockel, Alessandro Twombly, Jean-Luc Verna, Andy Warhol, Weegee, Troels Wörsel, Erwin Wurm, Michael Wutz, Joe Zucker.

Au rendez-vous des amis, based on the famous painting by Max Ernst from the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, is a group exhibition that is ever-changing over the weeks at Aurel Scheibler. The painting by same title dates back to 1922, when Ernst paints his Parisian friends in a bizarrely surrealistic environment. In the course of a lifetime, new friends are added, the fleeting relationship with acquaintances is able to grow to established relevance, and the unexpected reunion of almost forgotten friends might surprise. Thus, the Rendez-vous des amis is also a retrospective of the almost thirty years of activity of the gallery, in which artists and their works have an immovable place in their history. Some of them have filled entire chapters in it, and even individual works that have never been exhibited in the rooms leave their mark and shape the understanding of art.

The lettering Heroes by Jack Pierson, composed of differently sized and shifted colored letters, is by no means an invitation to worship, but in its appearance of the various finds a symbol for the fragmentary moments of life. And below, Alice Neel shows with The Great Society of 1965, contrary to the expectation of the painting´s title, that nothing great is celebrated but old people meet, friends or not. The works stand alone in their quality and in their close coexistence make relationships with others. Thus, the exhibition manages to unite the works of various artists such as Sarah Morris, Andy Warhol, Tom Chamberlain, Gavin Turk or even Anthony Goicolea and to present them as an overall picture with exciting references.

The exhibition is an ongoing process. In the course of the coming weeks, new works will be added that will enrich the ensemble.

Au rendez-vous des amis

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