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Tuukka Tammisaari is in his work refreshingly unorthodox. With great boldness and often with a pictorial world of berries, leaves and other organic formation known from nature he moves from quite small to mighty canvases and from images with a variety of colors and recognisable forms to a surprising reduction and simplicity.

In some ways it is as if we are facing a young painter's hymn to his time.

In 2013, the political scientist and author Jane Bennett wrote the essay "Vegetal life and onto Sympathy”. Bennett is contemplating how plants and plant life forms might make us rethink the notion of sympathy. She talks about how “the vegetality of humans and the vegetality of plants can somehow communicate”; how we can maybe learn from the plant within ourselves. In Bennet's interpretation there is no difference between man and what is around man. It is, in other words, the same substance, same matter, same materialism. Man is not exceptional. Everything has vitality.

"Explaining Nature" is the title of one of Tuukka Tammisaari's paintings. What do we see on the canvas? Which explanation are we offered ? Tammisaari's shapes, figurative as non-figurative, indulge, carry, embrace, touch, shield, reject, unfold. And they rot.

As an observer of wilderness his colour choices and brush strokes become a soulhaptic personification of Mother Nature's simple yet profoundly complex logic and primeval language.

He imitates the characters of the seasons, the rhythm of the day and the essence of the plants and reminds us of our kinship with vegetation and the connectedness with the living and organic around us.


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