A Quest For Meaning Vol. 9
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A Quest For Meaning Vol. 9

The first solo exhibition in Belgium by internationally renown multimedia & performance artist Grace Ndiritu, featuring the 9th volume of her ‘A Quest For Meaning (AQFM)’ series.

This work can be seen as a universal narrative, a creation story she tells from the beginning of time. Told through photography, it brings ‘stories’ between similarly disparate objects and events from the Big Bang until now, by conjuring up and making new connections between them. Abstract photography allows Ndiritu to explore the formalism of the still life genre in such a way that what appears in the microcosm of the photograph is a reflection of what occurs in the macrocosm of the universe. Closely connected to her interests in the moving image, performance and shamanism, the various themes in AQFM perpetually expand to create photographic constellations.

Ndiritu pushes the design of her new installation by incorporating fully-painted gallery walls, as well as her customary painted squares, which she calls ‘Bright Young Things’. These design elements become a backdrop through which Ndiritu discuss two subtexts in the show, firstly ‘painting as a medium of photography’, by creating a fully immersive, painted environment in which to view the photographs; and secondly the contemporary relationship between Europe and Africa seen through use of rephotographed archival images from the Rif War between Spain and Morocco in the early 20th century, which reflects a historic Orientalist viewpoint, which is the foundation for the current problematic relationship of mass migration from both Arab and Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe and the tensions this movement causes on both sides of the Mediterranean.

A Quest For Meaning Vol. 9

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