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Luca Tommasi has pleasure to announce "A misura d'uomo", a collective exhibition inspired by the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, perfectly linking his work and thought to contemporary research. Involving a number of the gallery's artists, the exhibition offers a non-literal or iconographic treatment of the legacy of Leonardo. Formal and content details, in most of the cases elaborated by the artists for the occasion with their unpublished works, offer an alternative view at some of the Renaissance master's ideas, discoveries and revolutions. One of the main topics is the idea of humanism, today certainly to be reinterpreted: the title, "A misure d'uomo", plays with this concept. While abstracting from the concrete reality and moving towards different forms of conceptualism, the research of the gallery, which celebrates ten years of exhibitions in 2019, focuses mainly on painting.


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