A from Animism, Atlas, Adrift
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A from Animism, Atlas, Adrift

Curated by Dragos Olea

A from Animism, Atlas, Adrift is an allegory of the many journeys one undertakes to orient and constantly reorient oneself within the past-present-future non-linear continuum and in multiple cultural, social, economical and political contexts making up reality and places beyond.

One journey after another - being them real, virtual or via mediated accounts, dreamy or nightmarish, immersive or at a critical distance, nighttime or daytime -, the paths through the exhibition turn into hefty transpositions exploring the contradictory nature of contemporary society. From Brazil in the 70s, when the country was undergoing the most oppressive period of military dictatorship to Kiev clubbing scene in post Euromaidan Revolution reflected by a Suprainfinit utopian take on, from illegal Mediterranean migration routes to online sprawls infected by toxic alt-right ideologies, from places and ideas ancient and lost in the folds of memory to realms of recent progressive thinking in an expedition shaped by algorithmic logic, from realities of disaffected youth culture in NY to explorations of inner worlds and hidden desires.

It is not only about the journeys of the man, but of the objects too – some iconic, some trivial - and the narratives they are able to move around, to create unfamiliar distinctions and productive critique.

While there is a certain sense of unease about the future pervading the exhibition, there is also a challenge to break that before all the damage is done. And you are invited to join the effort (in ways not yet defined).

A from Animism, Atlas, Adrift

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