Marchant first met Hockney in the mid-’60s in London. His good mate Peter Langan had just set up his

famous restaurant Langans Brasserie. Peter introduced Bob to David who was already on his way to

becoming famous. With Hockney's original paintings on the walls of the restaurant, David agreed to do a

drawing that would be on the front cover of the restaurant's menu. When Peter introduced Bob to David

he told him I’d like you to meet my dear friend “Golden Touch,’’ Even Hockney laughed when he heard

that description. Marchant shook hands with Hockney and was then invited to join him at the restaurant

table to drink a rare expensive bottle of French brandy with Peter and his two partners Richard

Shephard and actor Michael Caine. Once seated Hockney produced a handful of coloured pencils and

by the time the bottle was empty, two hours had passed and he had produced a wonderful portrait of the

three of them that would feature on the cover of the menu.

Marchant says "From that moment on Hockney became my favourite British artist and I have greatly

admired him ever since. My judgement proved to be correct when a painting of his of boyfriends in a

swimming pool in 2018 sold at auction for 90 million US dollars."

Bob Marchant

Hockney enjoying Oysters,Champagne and a cigar

  • Medium
  • Year
  • Size

    48 × 63.8 × 2.8 in

    122 × 162 × 7 cm

  • Material
    Oil on Canvas
  • Price
    $ 55,000
  • Edition
    This is a unique work

Bob Marchant

  • Anthony Horth Gallery's Artworks 110