Židrija Janušaitė

1973 · Lithuania

Artist biography

Židrija Janušaitė – is contemporary Lithuanian artist working in the spheres of painting, performance art, installation, land art, photography, video art. Her artworks, unrolling with meditative forms, witnesses the importance to create particular state, as it would be a doorstep, where meetings with ourselves happen / take place after trespassing it. That is especially noticeable in author’s performances that are focusing attention of Lithuanian and international audience. Artists’ performance art characterizes with a strong energy, that is transferred because of conglomeration and maintenance of focus, purified action (often – repetitive), minimalistic choice of means of expression.

Židrija’s painting provides restrained abstract, sparing with colour plastic. By combining her painting on canvas with image projections, artist broadens possibilities of means of expression she uses. Here Židrija fixates light with different layers of media, opens changes of form and space by conveying the idea of full emptiness. Abstract drawings with ink, carried out with expressionistic gestural movements, overflows in dashing and harmonious compositions, where the importance of movement (also as in artist’s performances) is reflected as a way to transfer the tension to peace’s environment.

Themes of Židrija’s creation may be well illustrated with titles of her solo exhibitions and performances –Solitudes. Touches”, “Untroubled Mind. Meetings”, “Life Consists of These Little Touches of Solitude”, “Free Play of Space”and other.

Židrija travels a lot, takes part in artist in residence programmes, collaborates with other artists, also organizes events (residencies, festivals, exhibitions).

Židrija Janušaitė is represented and exhibited by Meno Parkas located in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Art critic and curator Giedrė Legotaitė

Židrija Janušaitė

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