Zhang Peng

1981 · China

Artist biography

Zhang Peng is a Chinese artist best known for his stills fantasy animation film looking photographs. Born in 1981, in Shandong, China, he graduated in painting from the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing in 2005. Peng started by painting still natures before shifting to photography in 2006 to embrace a more diverse style and express emotions differently. Zhang Peng works are centered around young girls who are captured in elaborated sets inspired by the innocence of animation and fantasy world. In the photographs, the use of intense colors and elements are arranged to create dramatic scenes alongside Peng’s also uses digital manipulation to achieve a sense of illusion from reality. Zhang Peng's artworks depicted vulnerable young girls with characteristic big eyes looking and tears which leave the viewer emotionally involved. The intention over it is to question the gender and sex-ratio issues happening in China resulting from the former selective gender behavior. Peng’s images of those girl dolls are meant to symbolize the discrimination against women in China. His style and artistic approach are unique from the works of other young Chinese artists and convey to a deep reflection on the contemporary social norms. Zhang Peng’s photographs have been exhibited worldwide in museums and galleries such as Fascinating Beauty Klein Sun Gallery, New York (2009) and Kunsthaus in Zurich (2009). He currently lives and works in Beijing.

Zhang Peng


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