Zhang Huan

1965 · China

Artist biography

Zhang Huan is a Chinese artist based in Shanghai and New York City. He is known worldwide for his explorative works revolving around themes such as the relationship between mind and body, life and death. Born in 1965 in Anyang, China, Huan graduated from the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts in 1993. Zhang Huan artistic approach is influenced by buddhist philosophy and the constant questioning of life. His work is often define as provocative and for bringing to test his own limits in outspoken performances such as 12 m2 (1994) one of his most famous performances. Through his art, Huan addresses a variety of issues around violence, politics and power. He continued to performed in New York between 1998 and 2005 before returning in Shanghai and become Buddhist. Zhang Huan current works evolve and refer to religious iconography as well contemporary Chinese history. By using quasi-religious rituals he aims to reach the point at which the spiritual can manifest throughout the body, Han’s uses simple gestures such as in "To Raise the Water Level in a Fishpond,". Zhang Huan has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions all over the world including Max Protetch Gallery, New York and his most recent solo exhibition at Pace London, Spring Poppy Fields, London in 2014.

Zhang Huan

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