Zhai Liang

1983 · China

Artist biography

Zhai Liang born in Shanxi, China in 1983, he graduated from the Si Chuan Academy of Fine Art, Chongqing in 2003 and continued his study the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. He is now lives and works in Beijing.

Zhai Liang sees his painting as one narration that cannot be explained clearly. However, what can be said is that, for him, the appearance of a picture is not connected to its space, just as a narrative does not provide structure or logic, rather it only makes what is uncertain and unknowable apparent. Are “revolutionaries," regardless of circumstance, still the "proletariat," or could they be something else? This issue is not as clear-cut as some may think, and has merely acted as a vague metaphor for their status or identity. Rather than turn his experiments into an open display of our own world though, Zhai Liang’s work portrays one that is unknown to us, yet certainly possible. While this is not Zhai Liang’s primary concern, his style works to mold history and continuously calls attention to evidence that neither ourselves nor our history are rational. Our selfhood is not lost within a sense of reason. It is not what is remembered, nor forgotten; it is not the burdens' carried, nor what has been abandoned. Relying on his own quick-wittedness, Zhai Liang uses humor, ridicule, and preposterous remarks in order to reach the depth and thickness of histories. Not only does his work rebel against the spectrums of historic narrative, but also resists the structures of political narrative. The work demonstrates a particular attitude or, perhaps, some sort of self-aware game, rather than any type of ideology.

Zhai Liang

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