Zarah Hussain

1980 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Zarah Hussain's talent for mathematics and interest in patterns fostered her interest in geometric shapes from the ancient Persian Empire. After her university education in the press and media, she worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Her training at the ‘Prince’s School of Traditional Arts’ in London was the start of her artistic practice in 2004. Since this hands-on training, Hussain has expanded her artistic career spectacularly with diverse exhibitions and large-scale public commissions.

The artistic identity of Zarah Hussain is at the intersection of science and sacredness. Her oeuvre consists of drawings, paintings, reliefs, sculptures, installations, light installations and results in digital applications such as apps. The creation of works of art is supported by a wide-ranging investigation into the essence and cultural-historical processing or recuperation of Islamic art. She is currently concentrating on textile manufacturing in Kashmir and the relationship between weaving and abstraction. Simply put, the basic principle is about acquiring a piece of fabric made up of warp threads that are stretched over the length of a frame and crossed in the width by weft threads. Those intersections automatically create a grid pattern comparable with hand-woven carpets.

Zarah Hussain

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