Zachary Armstrong

1984 · United States

Artist biography

Working as painter, sculptor, and mixed media artist, American Zachary Armstrong reveals his versatility as an artist one composition at a time.

Armstrong pulls together a wide variety of references in his work such that they appear as if they are collages or assemblages of fragments of maps, texts, photographs, or other images. Layering these elements together, at times in full color and at others with a scintillating monochromatic quality, Armstrong transforms his compositions into veritable playgrounds for his viewer’s eyes. Hopping from one element to the next brings his work to life and helps the viewer to recall and connect with the myriad references woven together.

Armstrong is based in Dayton, Ohio, and recently enjoyed a residency at LeFebvre & Fils at Versailles, France. He has been exhibiting his work around the globe since 2013, including group exhibitions from Puglia, Italy, to Los Angeles, California. Select recent solo exhibitions of Armstrong’s work include “Goodnight Bojangles” at the Night Gallery (Los Angeles, 2015); “NOAH” at Ever Gold Projects (San Francisco, 2017); and “Zachary Armstrong: Copenhagen” at Sabsay (Copenhagen, 2018).

Zachary Armstrong

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