Yves Scherer

1987 · Switzerland

Artist biography

Swiss artist Yves Scherer calls on the elements of a wide variety of media to conjure three-dimensional spaces of both the familiar and the unfamiliar.

Blending everyday images with aspects of digital culture through mixed media sculpture and installation, Scherer considers the ever-fluctuating line between reality and digital fantasy. Augmenting reality, in a sense, through the language of his forms and his free use of references and materials, Scherer encourages a gripping conversation on the interconnectedness between art, technology, and contemporary commentary.

Born in Switzerland in 1967, Scherer has become a radical success of the art world in recent years. He has enjoyed the showcase of his work in group and solo showcases in venues around the world. Recent solo exhibitions of his work include “Our Life” at Golsa in Oslo, Norway (2016); “The Last of the English Roses,” at Cultural Avenue in Frankfurt, Germany (2018); and “Boys” at Galerie Guido W. Baudach in Berlin, Germany (2019).

Yves Scherer

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