Yelena Popova

1978 · Russian Federation

Artist biography

Playing on the timeless satisfaction of streamlined palettes and clean geometrical forms, Russian artist Yelena Popova recalls past masters of minimalism constructions while also offering a refreshed take for a modern audience.

Using bold color and powerful form, Popova seeks in her work a sense of harmony derived from the overall sense of conceptual balance that radiates throughout her compositions. Edgy, yet equalizing, Popova’s work reveals the endless visual power of even the most simple compositional sophistication.

Born in Russia in 1978, Popova earned a degree in set design from the Moscow Art Theatre School (MHAT) in 2000 and subsequently achieved an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in London in 2011. Today, Popova is based in Nottingham, England, though she enjoys an active exhibition schedule of her work in various international locations. Recent showcases include “Josto Flowers” at 40 Kvadratov Gallery in Smolensk, Russia (2009); “Unnamed” at Wallner Gallery at the Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham, England (2010); and “Unnamed” at Figge von Rosen Gallery in Berlin, Germany (2012).

Yelena Popova

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