Yamandú Canosa

1954 · Uruguay

Artist biography

Yamandú Canosa is an established artist, who was born in Uruguay, like other celebrated artists such as Virginia Patrone, Ana Tiscornia, Daniel Borlandelli, Juan Fielitz, and Antonio Slepak. Yamandú Canosa was born in 1954.


Yamandú Canosa's work is on display in multiple galleries around the world, in countries such as France and Spain. Galleries exhibiting Yamandú Canosa's work include Galerie Xippas | Paris in France, as well as Galeria Zielinsky and Arte Aurora Galería in Spain.

Further Biographical Context for Yamandú Canosa

Born in 1954, Yamandú Canosa's creative work was primarily inspired by the 1970s. The art sphere of the 1970s was epitomized by a desire to evolve and strengthen itself, as a reaction to the many tensions of the previous decade. One of the most central movement of the 1970s was Conceptualism, which emerged as an offshoot of Minimalism, while the experimental, creative journey of Process art materialized by combining essential elements of Conceptualism with further reflections on art itself. The earliest ideas of environmentalism bounced from Land Art, which took art into earth itself, sculpting the land and bringing art to the outdoors. For the first time since the decline of Abstract Expressionism, Expressive figure painting slowly re-emerged and regained its status, especially in Germany through the works of critically acclaimed figures Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer and Georg Baselitz. Most of the dominant artistic figures of the 1960s remained highly influential and admired throughout the 1970s. Andy Warhol, for instance, secured his reputation as a legendary artist, by bifurcating into film and magazine publishing, thus introducing a ground-breaking concept of cross-cultural activity for a visual artist of such fame. Artists such as Jannis Kounnelis, Mario Merz, and Michelangelo Pistoletto attained worldwide success, as they were widely recognized as renowned members of the Italian movement Arte Povera, critically acclaimed in the 1970s.

Yamandú Canosa

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