Xiong Yu

1975 · China

Artist biography

As a iconic artist born after 1970s, Xiong Yu is always under the spotlight.Under the background of Classical painting, and impacted by the current pop culture, Xiong Yu, as a man born after 1970s, has a cultural experience full of collision, the images of Xiong Yu's works do not exist in reality, but from a kind of creation.

From the paintings of Xiong Yu, We can find many characters of the generation born in mid-1970s, such as dream, the cartoon visual style, the illusion-like experience, the “cool” in image and color, the feeling of addictive e-culture. Xiong Yu is an artist with the background of classicism, while influenced by cartoon, as all of them who were born in early 1970s. Therefore, he can break the prison of the social reality, and construct his own artistic language through the living beings of the surreal and virtual world. The living beings produced by the imagination under the androgen function, as well as the roles of the recent Tarot, emphasize and highlight the human faith. Through his works, Xiong Yu constructs a unique, independent and omnipresent image. The presented living beings are all given identities of symbolism, delicacy, and metaphor, thus their new thinking of existence on the background of theirselves emerged.

Xiong Yu

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