Xiao Fan Ru


Artist biography

Xiao Fan Ru is a visual artist, who originates from China, like other prominent artists such as Xiong Wenyun, Shen Han, Dayu Wu, Chen Zhe, and Hong Hong.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Xiao Fan Ru's work is available for viewing at Galerie RX located in Paris, France. Xiao Fan Ru's most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Galerie RX in Paris (28 June 2019 until 19 September 2019) with the exhibition Passage.

Historical Context of China

China has always been a rather enigmatic figure in the eyes of the West, distinctive in its cultural and political institutions and quite restricted in nature, but nonetheless representative of an incredibly refined and artistically rich culture. China remains a pioneer in technology and technical innovation, in the respective domains of the arts and sciences, and an dazing number of innovations have been forged by Chinese artisans. This includes true porcelain, with kaolin as the key ingredient, which was developed in the early 1300s. It is not until 1722 that the Meissen factory in Germany discovered the fundamental elements of the recipe, thus enabling Europe to produce porcelain of the same technical qualities.

The art and culture of the Maoist era, which would endure on for decades from the mid-century period, were employed as a vehicle for a number of propagandist ideals, serving the revolutionary communism of Mao Zedong.

Productions of art in the modern period were essentially reworking the more classical, established standards of Calligraphic ink work, when not engaging in endorsing the figures of social realism, ideals of the State.

Throughout the modern and contemporary era, kept-back from the influence of the West. Until the start of the twentieth century, the Imperial power of China, rich of centuries old traditions, was thriving, but civil war shattered the country as the forces of Chiang Kai Shek and Mao Zedong fought for the control of this great country, its people and resources.

Some major Chinese artists, whose work can be considered modernist in a global and western context of artistic movements, include Sanyu and Zao Wou-Ki.

Xiao Fan Ru

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