Vincenzo Agnetti

1926 · Italy

Artist biography

Vincenzo Agnetti is an established contemporary artist, who originates from Italy, like other artists such as Riccardo Carnaghi, Pasquali Francesca, Alfredo Pirri, Luca Izzo, and Umberto Manzo. Vincenzo Agnetti was born in 1926.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Vincenzo Agnetti is represented by 6 galleries around the world, including countries such as the United Kingdom and Italy. Some of those galleries are Lévy Gorvy | London and Cortesi Gallery | London in the United Kingdom, and Studio Gariboldi in Italy. Vincenzo Agnetti most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Cardi Gallery | London in the United Kingdom with the exhibition Difference and Affinity. The exhibition was open from 01 August 2018 until 31 August 2018. Vincenzo Agnetti's other most recent exhibitions listed on Artland include the exhibitions; Teafaf New York Spring (04 May 2017 - 08 May 2017) at Robilant + Voena | London in the United Kingdom and Photosquences (28 March 2018 - 25 May 2018) at Osart in Italy. Vincenzo Agnetti's first listed exhibition in Artland's database was called Teafaf New York Spring and took place at Robilant + Voena | London in the United Kingdom from the 04 May 2017 to 08 May 2017.

Historical Context of Italy

The classical era of the Romans has exerted a consequential influence on the cultural and intellectual evolution of Italy, contributing to the uniqueness of the country and its splendid artistic heritage. Italy is also the country that embodies the Renaissance, “Riniscita” in its original language, which signifies “rebirth”. From the early 1400s, the Renaissance has been a fervent era of cultural and political awakenings, inducing revivals in art, architecture, music, poetry and philosophy. Although significantly affected by the fascism of Mussolini in the modern and contemporary era, Italy has never lost its place as one of the most fundamental artistic centres, home to cutting-edge movements such as Futurism and Arte Povera, as well as the expressive painting of the Transavanguardia and the Minimalism related to the Zero Movement. Some highly eminent Italian artists from the twentieth and twenty first centuries include Giorgio Di Chirico, Giacomo Balla, Giorgio Morandi, Alberto Giacometti, Lucio Fontana, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Francesco Clemente and Mimmo Paladino.

Further Biographical Context for Vincenzo Agnetti

Vincenzo Agnetti was born in 1926 and was predominantly inspired by the 1930s growing up. on a global scale this period can be best characterised by the clash between the world’s dominant political philosophies - Marxist Socialism, Capitalist Democracy, and the Totalitarianism of both Communism and Fascism. In the United States, the Great Depression had a tremendous impact on artistic production, with a number of artists focusing on the agrarian and the modest man in the streets. It was the first time in US history that widespread movements of artists began to address politics, and tried to use their art to influence society. Artists held exhibitions on social and political themes such as poverty, lack of affordable housing, anti-lynching, anti-fascism, and workers' strikes.

Vincenzo Agnetti