Victor Vectorovich

Russian Federation

Artist biography

The best Russian artist, designer and engineer hails from the wilderness in the Kaluga region. Representative of non-institutionalized marginal art. Was born on the third planet from the Sun. 5 Earth years was left to himself and learned to speak. It turned out badly, but the delay in acquiring a basic skill helped to develop phonemeless linguistics, based on which I still conduct internal dialogue, and therefore I have an idea of the world in a radical author's interpretation. I formed the semantics of this text in a second; it took several minutes to clothe it in semiotics with the help of an assistant. The speed of thought is leveled by the difficulty of translating into speech, which eliminates the handicap. Therefore, it is natural for me speaking first of all with the instruments of art, and then in Russian, English, and Norwegian.After 16 revolutions around the Sun, I went on trips without money, and visited 14 sovereign territories. In his travels he studied the ancient traditions of Russian wooden architecture, in the period of faith in Christ - carpentry, in the period of solidarity with Buddha - oriental martial arts. Explored the literature of several MIT physics and engineering courses and related publications through pirated sites. Since the 23rd turnover, he has been professionally engaged in the design of environment design, the development of technical innovations and marginal actionism.

Victor Vectorovich

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