1985 · India

Artist biography

UBIK is an Indian artist living and working in Dubai, UAE.

His work experiments with a variety of mediums. He does not position his work in a specific genre. The core of UBIK's work deals with the relative ideology of chaos. It renders the absurdity of the world order and comments on the machinated playgrounds of human cliches, in a sarcastic and realistic way.

UBIK crafts his work to be conceptual. Not in the form of technicality but rather its reactionary possibilities. The process of the work is to urge and provoke the viewer to self-reflect. The viewer is not an isolated agent, but rather its reaction is an integral part to the artistic production.

Currently, UBIK is heavily influenced by film, beatnik and gonzo literature, music, street art, anarchism and existentialist thought. His older works include drawings and paintings while his recent work has moved into a more conceptual direction, with a strong focus on text.

UBIK’s work is present in some of the most prestigious private and public arab contemporary art collections, such as the Samawi Collection and The Farook Collection.



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