Ton Zwerver


Artist biography

Ton Zwerver is a visual artist, who originates from the Netherlands, like other prominent artists such as Gerald Van Der Kaap, Munira Naqui, Maaike Schoorel, Peter Keizer, and Bas Meeuws.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Ton Zwerver is represented by C&H gallery located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Ton Zwerver most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at C&H gallery in Amsterdam with the exhibition Art Rotterdam. The exhibition was open from 08 February 2018 until 11 February 2018.

Historical Context of Netherlands

The Netherlands has a strong heritage for art and design in the twentieth century culture, although its place as a cultural powerhouse had been long established, centuries before the fifteenth century, when artists like Jan van Eyck were among the most famous in the world. The Dutch Golden Age of the 1600s brought such personalities as Rembrandt, Rubens, Vermeer, Van Dyck and Van Ruisdael. In the twentieth century, some of the earliest examples of abstraction in the Netherlands were made under the aegis of the seminal de Stijl movement, led by Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesberg. Gerrit Rietveld was an influential architect and designer whose work is closely related to the ideas of De Stijl.

Ton Zwerver