Tomislav Nikolic

1970 · Australia

Artist biography

With a technique underpinned by principle, practice, and performance, Australian artist Tomislav Nikolic uses layer upon layer of paint to literally elevate the surface of his work.

As the layers grow in number, the colors that Nikolic employs begin to take on new meaning and new associations with one another. They are abstract, and yet at the same time they are incredibly refined and reveal quite readily the power that pure color can convey.

Born in 1970, Nikolic is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. He has enjoyed the exhibition of his work both locally within Australia, such as at the Auckland Art Fair in 2018, as well as farther afield in Spain and Germany. He participated, for example, in Art Basel Hong Kong (2013). He is currently represented by Fox Jensen & Fox Jensen McCrory.

Tomislav Nikolic

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