Till Augustin

1951 · Germany

Artist biography

Working across sculptural media as varied as wood, steel, and glass, German artist Till Augustin has grown over the course of his enduring career from an autodidact to an artist of incredible acclaim.

Driving much of his practice has been his unyielding desire to experiment with industrial glass and assess its viability in a reductive sculpting process. His determination resulted, after years of attempts ,in the creation of modified laminated glass blocks that come to life with the play of light and color upon them.

Born in Bernried on Lake Starnberg in 1951, Augustin embarked on his experimentation with art in the early 1980s as he explored new techniques and ideas. Thought largely self-taught through such explorations, Augustin nevertheless achieved incredible career success. In addition to being selected as a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists in 1992 and the Darmstadt Secession in 2012, Augustin has also enjoyed the showcase of his work in various locales around the world. Recent exhibitions include those at Art Miami (2017); Galerie Obrist, Essen (2018); and Galerie Bender, München (2018).

Till Augustin

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