Thorsten Kirchhoff

1960 · Denmark

Artist biography

Thorsten Kirchhoff was born in 1960 in Copenhagen, Denmark, since 1984 he lives and works in Rome, Italy. Kirchhoff employs a sophisticated and ironic position in his work, at the same time provocative and surreal. Combining film, sound, painting and sculpture, his artistic language and style always produces innovative and original results. His unique approach embraces modernism while making space for the paradoxical and the dark side of (human) life. Kirchhoff uses paintings, installation, and most of all, cinema for his exploration of an infinite series of emotions, making the upheaval of our sense of familiar things almost a rule. He likes to draw on the logic of cinematographic montage, putting together elements without any apparent connection, a combination that yields fascinating results.

Thorsten Kirchhoff

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