Thomas Hauser

1984 · France

Artist biography

French artist Thomas Hauser deliberately blurs the lines between photography and sculpture to portray an interwoven yet ambiguous story. Equal parts personal narrative and universal message, these sculptural photographs – or photographic sculptures – ask the viewer to question history, permanence, and reality.

Made to look as if they are antique in nature in hopes that it will inspire an immediate sense of nostalgia on the part of the viewer, Hauser mixes unfixed photographs alongside objects or items that have been repurposed from other functions. Their worn, battered surfaces, combined with the hauntingly frosted frames play on the very notions of perception. On the one hand, Hauser offers a point for the viewer to think about the photographic process and how one can “see” these images; on the other hand, Hauser’s pairings of these images with the materials and textures of their various accompaniments encourage the viewer to juxtapose the two realms – the real and the photograph – against themselves.

Born in Paris, France, in 1984, Hauser attended the École Supérieure d’Art & De Design Marseille-Méditerranée and graduated in 2008. He subsequently studied at the California College of the Arts (CCA). He has been featured in a massive number of publications and exhibitions around the globe. For example, he was invited to contribute his work to Phases Magazine(2014) and also had his work showcased in Juliet Art Magazine (2018). Recent exhibitions including Hauser’s art include “Eden” at Aperture Gallery in New York (2016); “Fragments” at La Frontiera in Paris (2017); and “Blind Spot” at The Social Gallery on the Musrara Campus of the University of Jerusalem (2019).

Thomas Hauser

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