Tezi Gabunia

1987 · Georgia

Artist biography

Tezi Gabunia was born in 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgiaand holds a bachelors Degree in Architecturefrom the University of Tbilisi. Gabunia mainlyuses a systematic approach to his work, focusingon research of cultural issues and manipulationwith various medias. In 2016 he was awarded withthe Tsinandali Prize in Visual Arts for his projectPut Your Head into Gallery, which was exhibitedin Batumi, Tbilisi, Vienna (Contemporary Art Fair) and Krakow (MOCAK Museum Of ContemporaryArt, Poland) from 2015-2017. Gabunia‘s workshave been shown in solo and group exhibitions inGeorgia and Europe including his latest inclusionin the group exhibition Story as a Woven Carpetcurated by Irena Popiashvili at 68projects inBerlin, Germany.

Tezi Gabunia

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